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Rambam’s Cat Story: He releases a mouse to bring the cat back to its nature

  • Once upon a time, in the land of Egypt, the Rambam got into a discussion with the wise men of the Sultan’s court: (Rambam:) God created all beings with a specific nature and we cannot change any creature from God’s design. (Wise men:) Preposterous! We have trained many animals to act as we want them to. Sultan, you should not listen to this man, him and His religion is obviously outdated. (Sultan:) Well Rambam, what do you have to say to that? (Rambam:) Let’s put it to the test! If they can train an animal to act out of its nature, I will leave your court. If they can’t, they must leave. 

  • The wise men trained a cat for months, getting it to wear human clothes, teaching it to walk on its hind legs, and to serve as a waiter.

  • On the day of the test, the wise men got the cat dressed in its finest suit, they invited the Sultan and the Rambam to a meal, where they would prove that the cat had been trained out of its nature. 

  • As the cat approached the sultan with a tray of his dinner, the Rambam released a mouse onto the floor.

  • (wham, bam, noise, all day!) the cat dropped its tray, got on all fours and pounced on the mouse.

  • (Rambam:) you see, God created a cat to hunt mice, man cannot change nature from God’s plan. The Rambam was vindicated, and the wise men went to work in the gas station.  

  • Vi’hee She'amda: animate all our enemies throughout history:

  • Have the song playing in the background, or sing it yourself. Any version you like: the Rebbe’s, Shweke, anything. (I like Shweke’s)

  • Animate all the enemies of the jews throughout the generations for the first verse: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Spanish, Nazi, Arab 

  • When it comes to Vihakodesh Boruch Hu: animate the Jews breaking away. Splitting sea, Macabees, Six day war, whatever.

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