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The Baal Shem Tov’s Flight: animate a classic kfitzas haderech story

  • It was a cold, wintery, Polish night and the chassidim sat around the Baal Shem Tov, chanting a depth of soul niggun, when the Baal Shem Tov suddenly opened his eyes and said “there’s something afoot, into the wagon!”

  • (The chassidim pile in, the driver whips the horses, the wagon lurches off. Chassidim see the landscape flying by, outside view sees the wagon flying by) Besht says “there’s a gathering of Rabbis who want to discuss putting me in cheirim, we need to get there before the document is signed, to save their souls

  • (Wagon lands, Besht approaches the door and knocks, opened by gabai. Besht says) “I need to address the Rabbis. (Gabbai) Who are you? (Besht) I’m who this meeting is all about. (Shocked face of gabai, lets him in. Besht comes into the center of a big hall, surrounded by Rabbis. He says) “in this room are gathered the incarnated souls of Korach and his 250 followers. Then, like now, they tried to denounce the Nasi. You have the chance to save the cycle of your souls by withstanding this test and ratifying me. 

  • The rabbis were so shocked by the besht’s obvious miraculousness, that they tore up the cheirim, and the chasidm went their merry way.

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