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To Internet Or To Mesora: Show both sides of the argument of pro and against internet/smartphone

  • On the one hand, everything in this world was created for the glory of God. The internet is one of the most powerful tools in creation, if we don’t use it for God, and let it remain the exclusive domain of Klipah, we are leaving one of the most powerful Nitzoitzois in the clutches of Tumah

  • Not only that, but it will enhance many of our peulois:

  • Sharing Torah thoughts

  • Enabling chinuch to continue when we cannot be together, like during a pandemic

  • Look up any halachic questions you have

  • Have access to every Sefer ever written in the palm of your hand

  • And much more

  • That is all well and good, but think about all the stumbling blocks you’re inviting into your life by connecting to the internet:

  • Unclean sites, which is a solid third of all internet data streaming

  • Endless, mindless streaming - which wastes hours of a person’s day

  • Forieghn ideas that go against the Torah, that a student is not ready to explore

  • And much more

  • So what do you think? Embrace technology and try to uplift it, or keep a safe distance and don’t get infected by it?

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