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Join the fight!

Let’s banish the darkness & spread the light!

There is a story told of The Bal-Shem-Tov, the founder of the Chassidic movement. He went to visit the Messiah and he asked him “Master, when will you come?” To which the Messiah replied “When your wellsprings spread forth!”


The message is clear: if we want to bring on the era where nations shall not war with each other, and there will be plenty for all, then we need to spread the message of the Bal-Shem-Tov. His teachings revealed the secrets of Kabbalah and mysticism to the masses in a new form called Chassidus. 


Chassidus teaches that God is the only being in existence. Period. We are all just different forms of Godly energy. When we understand this, and we understand that we are ALL the same, because we are all God, then the world can live as One. 


That is why we are making these videos in an understandable and enjoyable way - so that we can help spread the Wellsprings to the masses!

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