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Win $5,000!

 Calling All Animators & Creatives!


We are launching a competition where participants will make a one-minute animation on a Jewish theme. Those who enter will have an opportunity to win a $5,000 cash prize!

We have 11 ideas for you to choose from, with accompanying scripts. The goal here is to inspire creatives to produce Jewish content, and help us spread Jewish ideas to the masses in an artistic and entertaining way. 


You will have two & a half months to complete your project: the due date is July 30th, the day of Tisha B’Av. We will uplift a traditionally sad day, by spreading the wellsprings of inspiring Torah & uniting Jews around creativity, art & Jewish thought. 


We are looking for your video to be accompanied by narration, music, sound effects & epic visuals! Please reach out if you need assistance with any part of this process - we’re here to help! 


The Rules:

  • Make an animated video at least 1 minute long.

  • Use one of our scripts. If you have an idea not listed here, or want to write your own script, please submit for review before you begin working on it, so we can vet that it is in line with our message and Torah.

  • Submit by July 30th, Tisha B’Av.

  • You may use all the help you can get, it does not have to be a solo project.

  • We will be judging the video based on four categories:

    • Visual Quality 

    • Delivery

    • Sound Quality

    • Time / Effort Put In


The Winners:

  • Every entry will receive a reward.

  • The Grand Winner will receive $5,000!

  • Future job opportunities available for individual creators who exhibit excellence in their fields.


Our panel of judges will review the videos, and the winners will be announced Rosh Chodesh Elul, August 20. Top videos will be featured on our media platforms. 


Video Ideas - Click On the Title To See The Script:

  1. Klei HaMishkan

  2. Cooking Halacha: Can I use the same oven for Milk & Meat?

  3. Hishtalshelus: Each world is made up of Ten Sfiros, there are 4 worlds, they evolve into each other

  4. Kosher overview: Fins & scales, split hooves & rumination, proper schitah

  5. Har Sinai: describe the mountain & the giving of the Torah

  6. The Gemara story where a bird lays an egg and drowns a whole city

  7. The Baal Shem Tov’s Flight: animate a classic kfitzas haderech story

  8. Rambam’s Cat Story: He releases a mouse to bring the cat back to its nature

  9. Vi’hee She'amda: animate all our enemies throughout history

  10. Ahavas Yisroel

  11. To Internet Or To Mesora: Show both sides of the argument of pro and against internet/smartphone



Looking Forward:

Torah Visuals is a growing Jewish media company, and we have goals of producing tons of content: Chassidus, Halacha, children's programming & more. We will need 



  • 3D Animation - Blender (Free)

  • 2D Animation - Adobe Animate CC, Adobe After Effects (Costs)

  • Video Editing Programs - Adobe Premier (Costs) Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Handbrake (Free)

  • Narration - Garageband, Audacity (Free)

  • Whiteboard Animation - Videoscribe (Costs)

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